Eric DiBartolo

Rainbow Bridge Pet Crematory, Yorktown, NY

I’m so glad I bought your equipment your service department and team of experts are second to none please tell everyone to be safe.


companion cremation servicesKatie Mae Garner  

Companion Cremation Services

Hi Carly,  Just wanted to let you know that I put a check in the mail today to begin paying for our remaining balance that will be due for our repairs. I know we haven’t been invoiced yet, I just wanted to get a jump start on it. Also wanted to let you know how extremely pleased we were with the service we received both prior to and during our retort repair process. The technicians were super nice and professional and Matt really taught us some valuable things and answered our questions well. We couldn’t be happier. Thanks Again.


Mr. Stan Spitler

Ferncliff Cemetery & Crematory – Springfield, OH

I can’t imagine there’s a better cremator, or a more service-oriented company.

Mr. Tim Koch

Metro First Call / Savage, MN

Hi Guys! Tim at Metro First Call in Minnesota here. Wanted to let you know that we cremated our largest body to date last week. A 6’1”, 703 pound, embalmed male. Our Classic-XCEL is an awesome machine.


Dave Drysdale

Sec-Tres. / Ivy Hill Cemetery Co. Philadelphia, PA

Good Morning Randy and John,

I just wanted to say Thank You for making Ivy Hill seem like we are your only client.  Nothing seems to be a problem for you.  You have given us service within 24 hrs. when needed,.  It is evident that US Cremation Equipment and Ivy Hill have two common goals.  We strive for efficiency and service to our clients.  It is nice to work with a company that shares the same values.


Jon Wilson

John Oakey & Son Funeral Home / Salem, VA

Good morning Angela,

Just wanted to thank you and US Cremation Equipment for sending Chris out yesterday.  It was very refreshing to have someone with exceptional knowledge of our equipment and someone who actually cares about our machine and wants to get it right!  He did an excellent job getting machine tuned up as well as explaining issues that need addressed in the near future.  Thanks again and please let Chris know that we truly appreciated his professionalism and hard work he put in yesterday.  Looking forward to working with US Cremation Equipment in the near future!


Patty Naugle

Atlantic Crematory – Naugle Funeral Home / Jacksonville, Florida


BIG Thanks again to everyone for their professionalism in helping us to get up and running. You and your team have been fantastic to work with.

Thank you.


Juan J. Crespo Hill

Cremation Del Este

Thank you very much, we also appreciate working with U.S. Cremation Equipment and the way you and [your staff] are always easy to contact and quick to respond. Have a nice day.


Doug Vick

Manager :: Atlas Crematory, Rockledge, FL

We shopped around with other manufacturers and U.S. Cremation was our choice. It’s a great machine. The service technicians are always prompt and thorough. Whenever we have questions, U.S. Cremation has the answers.


Tim Harman

President/Owner, Atlantic Crematory, LLC, Glen Burnie, MD

Everyone has done an outstanding job for us, from truly listening to our needs to their round-the-clock availability. We have cell phone numbers, even for people at the top.


Danny Losee

President, Perry Mount Park Cemetery, Pontiac, MI

They pointed out the features of their unit and never criticized their competitors’ products. They even encouraged me to check the competition. I did, but no one came close in expertise, support and customer service.


David Krohn

CEO, Everglades Crematorium, Hollywood, FL

I have never done business with a better company.


Greg Long

Lemley Funeral Chapel, Oneonta, AL

After reviewing other equipment and examining the ‘Classic’, the choice was clear…the equipment is excellent, easy to operate and the after-sale service doesn’t end with the sale.


John J. Buettgen

Hayden-Buettgen Funeral Home, Schofield, WI

Thank you for upgrading the product. Works without a problem


Tim McKinnish

Faithful Friends Pet Cremation, Raleigh, NC

It is a pleasure to do business with a company that treats you like a customer (and friend) instead of a number. Keep up the good work. With service like this, you can most certainly be assured that I am hooked. I will be using you guys for all my service needs. And, when it comes time for another machine it will be from U.S. Cremation.


J. Brent Lyerly

Lyerly Funeral Home, Salisbury, NC

Easy to operate state-of-the-art machine. Service and staff have and continue to be GREAT


Kevin R. Marcy

Owner :: Dream Land Pet Memorial Center, Metro Atlanta, GA

Their service is like no other I have experienced in this industry and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to purchase an animal or human retort. Not only are their products second to none, but their service is what really sets them apart. In fact, I will be purchasing another machine from them in the near future.


David Viegut

Viegut Funeral Home, Loveland, CO

Overall I love the machine. In less than 4 months we have done 60 cremations without a problem.


2814 Silver Star Road
Suite 201-D
Orlando, Florida 32808
Phone: (321) 282 7357



Mr. Stan Spitler

Ferncliff Cemetery & Crematory – Springfield, OH

I can’t imagine there’s a better cremator, or a more service-oriented company.